On this page you can find out all the policies the club adheres to, including the ones from British Gymnastics (the sports national governing body). You can also find all the policies, procedures and rules that club members, parents, guardians, carers, coaches and other volunteers must abide by.

We’ve also included our COVID-19 policy and procedures. These are slightly different, depending on the venue so make sure you have the one for your venue!

Training Session Rules

Check out this document if you attend any training sessions. Don’t forget, our COVID-19 policy and venue procedures may supersede information found here, so make sure you read both!

Code of Conduct

Check out these documents if you attend any session or event as a participant, parent, guardian, carers or other volunteer.

Membership Policy (including cancellation)

Check out this document if you want to become a member of our club, if you want to know how to become a member or if you no longer wish to be a club member.

Photography Policy

Check out this document if you want to take photos or film at any of our training sessions or events.

Complaints and discipline procedure

Of course, we hope you’ll really enjoy your time with our club but we understand that sometimes not everything goes to plan. If you have any issues, please email us but if you feel you need to file a formal complain please follow the procedure in this document.

Adopted British Gymnastics Policies

These some of out most important policies, covering safeguarding, welfare, equality and social media. These are the national governing body policies that London Trampoline Academy and London DMT must adopt in order to be a British Gymnastics club.